Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

I know what you are thinking…”you’re an agent, of course you are going to tout the benefits of working with a real estate agent”. Two things are true: I am a real estate agent and Realtor here in Arizona and I would absolutely love to help you sell your home. Two things are false: Real estate agents would do anything to get a listing and there’s no benefit to using one. 

Here’s the thing…I love what I do but only in the spirit of it bringing value to my clients. If you have already come up with a plan to sell your home on your own, I applaude it! I’m also here to answer any questions you might have in that process (yes, for free! Contact me!). However, if you’re sitting on the fence and weighing the pros and cons of working with a real estate agent to sell your home, this is the post for you. Below are some factual, stastical and logical reasons why you might want to consider working with an agent to sell your home.

Why You May Want to Weigh the Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

1. They Have Local Market Knowledge

A key benefit to working with a real estate agent is their local market knowledge. How does a pool impact property value? What types of buyers are looking in this area? What is your home worth? These are all questions that a real estate agent can easily help you answer to appropriately position your home. Additionally, they are familiar with comparative market analysis (CMA’s) which use market data to help you price your home.

2. They Have Access to Exclusive Tools

Real estate agents pay for and have experience with exclusive tools. Some of these tools are only available to licensed individuals are incredibly valuable when it comes to listing a home for sale. One of the more important tools is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). When your listing is added to MLS, it is immediately visibile to thousands of othe real estate agents looking for buyers. Additionally, the MLS usually posts your home to hundreds of websites like Zillow and Redfin. These tools ultimately give your home more exposure to potential buyers.

3. They Are Professional Negotiators

One thing real estate agents are used to doing is negotiating. Chances are your agent has negotiated on multiple deals and when that buyer comes asking for money or repairs, they’ll know what to do. Additionally, they’ll know how to work with other agents to mediate a deal that works for you and your buyer.

4. They’re Educated in State Contracts

Take it from a real estate agent, contracts and addendums can get granular. In Arizona, real estate agents are required to take contract law courses to ensure they understand them. Don’t just assume that because everything is “boilerplate” that you’re protected. A real estate agent can walk you through the contract to ensure you understand them before signing the dotted line.

5. They’ll Cover Marketing Expenses

According to Clever, marketing your own home can cost up to $2,000. Access to great marketing is another benefit of working with a real estate agent. Not only will a good agent list your home on MLS, they should also invest in professional photography, print and digital ads, and other channels of getting your home in front of people. This is likely one of the bigger cost savings for sellers as your real estate agent should cover most, if not all, of these expenses.

6. They’ll Handle Showing Your Home

A major hassle for many homes for sale by owner (FSBO), is the need to show their home. Many FSBO are working full time jobs and the interruptions can be inconvenient. While you may still need to leave your home for showings and open houses, your real estate agent will be there to let people in and show your home. You can head to the office or a coffee shop and know thaty things are in good hands.

7. They’ll Get You A Better Offer

Statistically speaking, homes listed with an agent sell for 35% more than homes sold by an owner. A large part of this is drumming up of demand. The more buyer’s eyes you have on your home, the more likely you are to receive multiple offers. Multiple offers generally mean there’s a bidding ware that could drive your home price up. Although you might be giving your listing agent a percent of the sale, this is an important point to consider as it could lead to more money in your pocket.

8. They’ll Make Sure Your Transaction Closes

The amount of paperwork and i’s to dot and t’s to cross in a real estate transaction can be daunting. Your real estate agent is familiar with the documents, the processes and the communication to ensure your transaction runs smoothly and your interests are protected. It’s also one less thing you’ll have to worry about as your agent will ensure your reviewing and signing what you need to in a timely manner.

When it comes to selling your home, there are a number of benefits to working with a real estate agent. Ultimately, it will depend on your comfort level with real estate transactions and your ability to set aside time to market and show your home. If in doubt, you have a trusted real estate agent here in Arizona that’s here to guide you in determing which route is best for you!

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