How To Sell Your Home Fast

If you’re considering selling your home, you are probably looking for the quickest and easiest way to seal the deal. What seller doesn’t want to get things over with in a timely manner? Whether it’s a financial need or a desire to avoid weeks of showings and open houses, most sellers want to know the easiest and best way to sell a home fast. 

There are a number of methods for listing a home to sell efficiently. How quickly your home sells can also depend on a number of different factors like property type, location and amenities. All that said, each property is unique and every approach will be different. Below are a few sure fire ways to get any property ready for a quick sale.

Selling A Home Fast: Tips To Make Your Property Shine

List Your Home With A Real Estate Agent

Of course you would say this! You’re a real estate agent. While that may be true, if a quick sale is what you’re after, it could be worth working with a listing agent. Why? While Zillow and other web platforms are making it easier for sellers to market their own properties, there are tools and resources that could be limited to working with an agent. Often times these tools include access to things like MLS and a network of brokers and buyers. All this to say, a real estate agent knows the buyers that are out there, they have the experience of marketing properties to sell and, who knows, they might already have the right buyer for your home in their Rolodex!


Did you know that what you pay your listing agent is negotiable? Work with your listing agent to understand the services you will receive. A great real estate agent will present you with a solid marketing strategy and set expecations with you.

Price Your Home Strategically

Everyone wants the most bang for their buck when it comes to selling their home. If you’re looking to sell your home fast, it’s important to be strategic about how you price your home. Your real estate agent can provide you with a set of comparative homes to determine the most marketable price. Remember that what feels like a low listing price to you could be what drums up a bidding war when offers are made. Work with your real estate agent to ensure you understand your pricing plan.


Is there something a little off with your property? Ackwnoledging the strengths and weaknesses of your home is a great practice when listing it competitively. Consider an upfront offering of a home warranty, credit to the buyer or other incetive if you know something will stick out like a sore thumb. 

Take Care Of Minor Repairs

A chip in the stucco might not seem like a big deal to you but too many minor repairs can be a huge turn off to buyers. Examine the interior and exterior of your home with your real estate agent to identify any minor repairs that are easily remedied. The more items you can take off the plate of a potential buyers the better.


When completing minor repairs, it’s important not to try and cover anything up. For example, is there water damage on the drywall? Don’t just paint over it if the source of water damage has not been repaired. Investing in larger repairs like leaks, new paint or corroded faucets will have the greatest impact on enticing buyers early on.

First Impressions Start At the Curb

Studies say that first impressions are formed in seconds. From the moment a buyer views your home online or steps out of their car at a showing, they are already sizing up whether it’s the right one for them. Curb appeal is the first touchpoint for buyers and is an important step for a fast home sale.


From replacing your doormat, to painting exterior of your home, there are a number of things big and small you can do to wow a buyer and make a stellar first impression.

The Clearer the Better

Buyers love a home that is move in ready. Start by removing extra clutter from your home and any personal items such as photos and specific artwork. A general rule of thumb is to remove 2/3rds of your personal articles. Creating an environment that buyer’s feel is ready to go is a great strategy for making your home sell fast. Don’t miss things like overflowing laundry baskets, stacks of paper, items in the fridge, and bathroom toiletries. All of these items need to go!


While it comes at an additional cost, having your home professionally staged is never a bad idea. Whether you are working with the furniture you have or bringing in new items, stagers know how to make a home more buyer friendly.

Let Your OCD Shine When It Comes To Cleaning

In my experience, showing a dirty home to a buyer can be the biggest turn off. To sell your home fast, it’s so important for it to be spotless. When you have finished decluttering and staging your home, get a professional cleaner in to do a deep clean. Don’t miss buyer-important items like windows, light switches, the interior of appliances, and baseboards.


The whole cookies-in-the-oven plan is hoopla! Neutralize any smells, good or bad! The more neutral the smells in your home the better. Consider having tile floors steamed and carpeting shampooed. Replace your air filter with a high grade HEPA filter and run your HVAC fan frequently to filter out any lingering scents.

Invest In Professional Photography

While we talk about curb appeal being a buyer’s first impression of your home, this day-in-age it’s more likely the photos they view on the web. With more buyers shopping online, your listing presentation is key to getting folks in the door. Your real estate agent should recommend professional photography with a seasoned photographer experienced in real estate photography.


Your real estate agent should be present when your photogpraher is taking photos of your home to ensure all details, angles, and features are captured. If your agent insists on taking photos with their phone it might be worth considering an alternative strategy. Good photos sell homes faster!

Make Your Home Readily Available

Is moving your schedule around to show your home a pain in the rear? You bet! But remember that being flexible and letting buyers view your home at any time is crucial when it comes to selling your home fast. Make plans in advance with a friend for where you can go or where the animals can hang out while your home is being shown so you can get out in a timely manner.


Ask your real estate agent about using a tool like ShowingTime where requests to view your home can come directly to you. You can aprove or decline showings, suggest alternative times and eliminate the back and forth between parties.

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