Relocating To Arizona?

Moving to another state can be overwhelming! With the right information and the right real estate agent on your side, relocating to Arizona doesn’t have to make you pull your hair out!

Where do you get started?

I’ve not only worked with clients from both coasts, I have also moved cross-country myself and know the challenges and emotions that can come with it. Check out the steps we’ll take to make your relocation to Arizona successful!

Ready To Make The Move?

Contact me today and let’s start your journey together!

It Starts With A Call!

We’ll start with a phone or video call where we’ll get to know each other. I’ll tell you about me and how I work. More importantly, I’ll learn about you, your family and what you’re looking for in a future home. We have a journey ahead of us and forming that human connection is so important in getting started!

Getting Prequalified

Financing prequalification is required when submitting an offer on a property in Arizona. Having this in hand will also allow us to move quickly when the right home pops up, plus it usually only takes a couple of days to obtain from your lender.

Starting Our Search

We’ll get started by sharing properties with one another. I’ll send you homes that I think you’ll love and you’ll send me those that have already caught your eye. We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes of each, gather information and fine tune our search efforts.

Creating "The List"

While we sort through properties, we’ll start to create “The List”. This will be the collection of homes we plan to visit during your stayand hopefully there will be one or two you’d love to to live in! Homes can move quickly in Arizona and this list will evolve leading up to your visit. 

Planning Your First Visit

When you’re ready, we’ll discuss your plans to come and visit Arizona in person. I generally like to recommend a weeklong visit. We’ll spend 2-3 days look at homes and the remaining time can be used to drive around and explore the area. During this visit we will go and view homes in person in the hopes of making an offer during your stay.

Making An Offer

At this point, we hope that we’ve found your future home. We’ll prepare a strategic and competitive offer on the home you love. When your offer is accepted, I will coordinate any and all inspections and we will work together towards a successful closing!

Getting Ready To Move

As our closing date approaches, you’ll want to start planning your big move! While you focus on arriving safely, I’ll ensure the transaction runs smoothly and can coordinate property access for any cleaning or maintenance you might want done before your arrival.

Are you ready to move to Arizona?

I am here and ready to help! Contact me today and let’s start looking for your dream home!

The What-Ifs Of Relocating To Arizona

The above steps are an outline of the perfect journey. Every client experience is different and we will adapt as we go! You might have some additional questions about challenges that could pop up and that’s totally understandable! I’ve tried to address a few of them below.

What if we find the perfect house before you can visit? 

No sweat! In that case, we will conduct a virtual showing using FaceTime, submit your offer remotely and, if accepted, plan your in-person visit for the inspection period so we can cross our t’s and dot our i’s! The standard inspection period is 10 days, so plan to get out here fairly quickly in that case!

What if we don’t find our future home during your visit?

The market is ever-changing and you might not find what you’re looking for on the market. Should this happen, we can discuss our strategy and timeline. If possible, we can explore a future visit. If you need to be here by a certain date in time, there is always the option of renting until we find that perfect property!

What if you can’t be present for the inspection?

While it’s highly encouraged to be present for the inspection period, don’t worry if you can’t make it happen! With the pandemic, many walkthroughs are virtual right now anyways. I can always go to the property and FaceTime you in as we walk through any inspection items. You’ll also have access to the entire inspection report which includes photos and details. 

Are you ready to move to Arizona?

I am here and ready to help! Contact me today and let’s start looking for your dream home!

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